Cleaner Image has been providing commercial cleaning services for over 18 years.

During that time, our client list has grown to include a number of high-end, industry-leading accounts that depend on us to keep their operations running safely and smoothly. Our goal is to provide your facility with the highest level of service, save you money and exceed your expectations. Request A Quote today - we would be happy to provide a detailed estimate and needs analysis.

–Doug Friend, VP of Operation

Benefits of Using Cleaner Image – A Certified Company:

- Insures experience, training and knowledge of best method of cleaning

- Insures in depth knowledge and understanding of current fire and safety codes

- Insures in depth understanding of the importance of thoroughly removing the entire fuel source for potential fire from the entire exhaust system

- Tested and verified knowledge and understanding of current Fire, OSHA codes, and experience that is pertinent to exhaust system cleaning and servicing

- Regulated by the association

- Assured compliance with NFPA 96 Fire Code Standards