Proactive Commercial Solutions (PCS) is a valuable resource for commercial kitchen owners and operators.

The goal of Proactive Commercial Solutions (PCS) is to provide the commercial kitchen industry with a professional service which aids in the design, installation and on going maintenance of commercial kitchens. We strive to mitigate the risk of the clients' systems and reduce the ongoing maintenance cost by proactively managing each account.

Through our Proactive Commercial Solutions company, we provide broader consultation in a wide range of related areas:

PCS Methodology – CEEM Life Cycle Management Program

– Construction (New & Remodel)   – Equipment  – Energy & Cost Management  – Maintenance Management


1. Business Planning Services 
2. Restaurant Kitchen Vision & Concept 
3. Strategic Design Planing

Energy & Cost Management: 
1. Construction Phase 
2. Operational Phase 
3. Monitoring/Reporting 
4. Compliance

1. Equipment Selection & Budget Process 
2. Equipment Specification & Cost Analysis 
3. Equipment Acquisition 
4. Projection Coordination

Maintenance Management Services:

1. Scheduled & Emergency Services 
2. Parts 
3. Data Management Analysis 
4. Equipment Replacement Plaining

5. Energy Efficiency Planning