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Certified Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association regulations are specifically designed to limit the life safety concerns and fire hazards associated with commercial cooking equipment and rooftop grease containment. At Cleaner Image, we take all the necessary steps to comply with these codes on your behalf. Along the way, we act as your consultant to make the process as smooth as possible.

Grease Containment

Using a Grease Gutter can protect your roof from the damaging effects of grease...

Grease and oil can be detrimental to almost any roof membrane system's performance. Bituminous products typically will turn soft and spongy following prolonged exposure to animal fats and cooking oil (the most likely discharges from kitchen exhaust fans). Some thermoset membranes can swell and deteriorate when exposed to organic fats and oils. Furthermore, seam adhesives may lose their bonding power and cause seams to rupture, leading to roof failure.

Grease and oil can cause other problems, as well, such as slip/fall hazards for rooftop maintenance workers and an increased potential for fire. Furthermore, water runoff going into a sewer system or grounds adjacent to the building may be contaminated from grease and oil. Whether you are a restaurant, food processor, manufacturing facility or property developer, you may be subject to unnecessary liabilities, rooftop safety hazards and code violations.

The best way to protect a roofing system is to prevent grease from ever reaching the membrane. A Grease Gutter Rooftop Grease Protection system filters out grease and oils before they reach the roof's surface. The Grease Gutter keeps you in compliance with the new 2001 National Fire Protection Association 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. It also helps you comply with OSHA and EPA regulations. More on the GREASE GUTTER...

From exhaust cleaning to grease containment and a host of other services, Cleaner Image is the resource many top-tier commercial kitchens trust for grease containment products and services.  You can too. If there are services you need that we are unable to provide, we can coordinate with partner contractors to save our customers time and money.